London’s ‘Concrete Soldiers’

The film’s narrative is that council estate regeneration resembles a war being waged against working class Londoners; a war secretly plotted in corporate boardrooms, silently executed in town halls and largely ignored by the mainstream media. The warlords, according to Concrete Soldiers UK, constitute a powerful alliance of global real estate investors and locally elected London remnants of the social democratic New Labour cult once headed by Tony Blair.

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Tunnel vision

Crossrail – a new London commuter railway – is set to start running at a time when Londoners are told they live and work in a ‘knowledge-intensive and post-industrial’ era.

New communications technology means knowledge is mobile. Many predict this signals the ‘death of the office’, the nine-to-five working shift, and the ‘work-bed’ commute. Pardon the pun but, according to this train of thought, Crossrail is already obsolete even before its Elizabeth Line trains trundle out of their depot…

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