Criminal charges?

Campaigners have projected the slogan, ‘2 years after Grenfell this building still hasn’t kept its promises’, onto the Houses of Parliament.

Grenfell United – campaigning on behalf of survivors, bereaved and residents – carried out the protest.

Nobody has yet been arrested for the fire on the Lancaster West council estate of 14 June 2017 that killed 72 people.



Police say they have identified potential suspects for corporate manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter and have interviewed individuals under criminal caution.

But police say there is no guarantee that criminal charges will be brought.

Police are delaying charging decisions until after a public inquiry ends.



However, the inquiry has been delayed throughout 2019 so no-one will be charged before at least 2021.

One of the most complex criminal investigations ever also involves 45 million digital documents and 14,500 physical exhibits. 

One 180 officers and staff are working full-time.


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